Why is French Fashion so popular? From its origin to becoming “The Fashion Capital”.

I am sure, at least once in your life, you must have wondered how french people are so fashionable and amazed by the confidence they carry. The french streets are no less than a runway on their own. If you wanna know Why France is among the top countries when it comes to fashion, then you are in the right place. Have you ever thought of why France is popular in fashion? The reason is simple, it is the place from where “The Fashion” originated.

Let us look at some History to understand better-

At the beginning of the 20th century, new developments in fashion would take place in Paris first, from where they would spread to the rest of the world. New clothes designs would be born in Paris before they found their way to other parts of the world. In other words, Paris emerged as the ‘fashion capital’. ‘Fashion’ during this period was mostly ‘Haute couture, exclusively designed for individuals.

Towards the mid-20th century, fashion garments began to be mass-produced. The bulk of production increased, and people began to have more choices of garments. Towards the end of the 20th century, fashion awareness among people increased, and they began choosing clothes for themselves based on comfort and their own style, instead of relying on the trends prevailing in the market.

Design house played an important role-

After world war when the economy was just recovering, French Fashion houses started to grow surprisingly at a steady rate. Brands like Chanel, made their footprint in the industry by their extravagant designs, Dresses like the Little Black Dress, and Chanel Suit became worldwide popular and adopted across the countries. Paris became the epicenter for its fashion. Public expectations raised more, and the designers were ready to give them, that’s how it grew to a place no one would have imagined.

Later, French brands like Jaquemus, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Balmain like famous brands came into existence, which created tough competition in the fashion industry. This leads to where fashion stands in France today. It is classy, elegant, and fabulous.

Movies that made French Fashion grow across the world-

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) - IMDb

Although the most popular films are based in new york or London, however, the fashion is dominatingly french inspired. For example, the fashion elements shown in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s are completely french. Audrey Hepburn is seen wearing the famous little black dress which became an iconic dress in history. In one of her scenes, she was also seen wearing an original Chanel necklace.

Some other examples of movies, that made french the capital of Fashion.

Balmain, And Goddess created women Coco Chanel,Last Year in Marienbed

 Yves Saint Laurent, Belle De Jour  Jean Paul Galtier, The fifth element


French Fashion Today-

Today, France is known for its glamorous models walking on the runway and stylish looks seen on the streets. From Haute couture to street fashion, it’s on top, everywhere. Let’s look at some of the popular styles of french fashion.

Street styles

Haute couture and Runway

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