White shirts are one of the most widely used items that we all have in our closets. But have you wondered, oftentimes you end up wearing the exact same outfit in the exact same way you used to wear? This happens because we lack the idea of trying things out differently or are left with no ideas. Well, this article is all about trying such common wearables as a white shirt differently and even more stylishly. that would not only help you to look stylish but also up to date.

But before that, I’d like to answer the most important question-Why you should have a white shirt in your closet? Because it is one of the most versatile and most fitted clothing pieces in your closet. You could wear it in summer, winter, day or night and not only that you could wear it on almost all kinds of occasions if you know how to style it well. And this article will help you with that.

I’ll be sharing my personal experience of what the current trend is going alongside the ways in which you can without any extra expenses or least investment could make it possible. So let’s get started.

For Day Outing

For a day outing with friends or going for a coffee, this is where you have to be comfortable, yet picture ready. Here are 3 most stylish ways you can wear a plain white shirt in a few minutes.

1. Pair it with a belt and boots

2. Convert into a mini dress

3. Slip under a dress

For a date

First impression is important, whether its a date night or meeting someone out for the first time. You must feel confident in what you wear. Remember, if you’re meeting someone for the first time and it’s going to be casual do not overdress, therefore white shirt gives you a complete balanced look when it comes to simplicity and class.

4. Pair it with a mini skirt

5. Go with the scarf

For travel

Travelling could be one of the most tiring thing for some people if you have to spend hours in vehicle, or just sightseeing, what better option can we see when we have a white shirt which can be style in so many different ways. It gives you proper airation, skin to breathe and is much adjustable. Pair it with denim, and a backpack or a side pouch and you’re ready to go!

6. Pick a Boyfriend jeans

7. Accessorize it with a side purse

8. Style with joggers/Shorts for more comfort

For evening party

Yes! you saw it right. You can wear a white shirt even for a evening party. If you wanna have an elegant and comfy look with a bright appearance, pair it with a flowy A-line skirt mainly net and lil bit embelishehed. Put some earring with a red lipstick, wear scorpion heels or pumps and you’re are party ready.

9. With a skirt

10. Under a corset

11. Over a slip dress

For work/college

Women prefer to wear a white shirt more often in their working life, but if you are tired of wearing your shirt in the same way and now you look for other options to wear, well here are some ways to look fabulous at your workplace as well. Let’s take a look!

12. Leather pants

13. With a Pencil skirt

14. Formal Trousers

These were some of the trendy styles with a white shirt and most of these styles are done from a simple basic shirt in such a way that you don’t even have to buy different pairs to change your look, you could do that with the one.

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